Breaking: Blue Nazi Truck issues anonymous apology and attacks Da Horsey!


The blue Nazi swastika truck has returned in front of City Hall with a new videotape announcing a new objective to the ignominious Hoboken masses walking by downtown Hoboken.  The Nazi truck presents a new target of its ire and makes a request to the public.

On behalf of the blue Nazi truck, a recording says “We wish to apologize” to those who were offended by their Nazi swastika but it’s all the fault of Grafix Avenger and someone else who really deserves your scorn – Da Horsey!

According to the video, the Nazi swastika people who are not too closely connected to the Move Forward campaign and Beth Mason political operatives just needed to go back and retune their message. So they could pin the real blame where it belongs: on Da Horsey.

How does a Nazi truck make an apology and who is the “we” it’s apologizing for exactly?  The people involved in funding it (and the Move Forward campaign) don’t say in the video.

A Hoboken Police Officer takes a look at the return of the blue Nazi Truck.  The Nazi truck issued an anonymous apology and explained it was sorry to offend the community but Grafix Avenger and Da Horsey really deserved it asking viewers  to call the MSV “tip line.”

The Nazi truck asks the public to call up and tell Da Horsey to remove the images of “hatred and bigotry.”  No one walking by has a clue what the heck the Nazi truck is talking about as they don’t show the Nazi swastika this time.

Can a Nazi truck issue an apology for the Move Forward campaign and
what images of hatred and bigotry do they want to see removed?
This image of hatred and bigotry?
Or this image?
Did they mean this image?  Yes, this is highly offensive.
Look Da Horsey is wearing an FBI hat.  We hate when that happens.
Talking Ed Note: The attempt at deflection and the obvious damage to the Move Forward BoE slate is clearly obvious in this latest hit job.  MSV is aware that this political operative remake has been in the works for some days now.  
MSV knows Beth Mason political operatives were involved.  Thanks for the laughs guys!

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