Beth Mason, judas priest! “Breaking the law, breaking the law”

Beth Mason delivers Old Guard litigation in attempt to erase reform council majority

Update: It appears Mason’s latest litigation gambit has been filed in Hudson County Superior Court.
The parties listed in the litigation are believed to be the Old Guard council members in MORTE: beth Mason, tim Occhipinti, michael Russo and Terry Castellano.

MORTe vs. the City of Hoboken

Councilwoman Beth Mason may hold a little ward council position in Hoboken but her husband’s allowance packs a punch and she’s wildly swinging in every possible direction.

If she can’t buy her way into the mayor’s chair, she’ll buy the council president’s chair and when that fails, she’s going to buy herself the whole BoE if she can get away with it.  Clearing the way is a SLAPP suit and perhaps a Nazi swastika truck that somehow added exclusive video from her cameraman.

And now Mason’s latest litigation will attempt to clear the decks for putting the council into a 4-4 deadlock.

How did that happen again?  Beth Mason has nary a word to say about that in today’s diversionary release bragging about her breaking the law.  It’s a well crafted piece riddled with lies but hat’s off to the political operative(s) behind it.  A fine twisted and convoluted release it certainly is raining urination down all over Hoboken people.

The penmanship crafted fits Beth Mason’s modus operandi.  Breaking the law when it doesn’t suit you and then sue everyone and anyone in Hoboken when that serves your objectives.

Are you getting the picture?

Here’s video from the last City Council meeting on Beth Mason’s litigation hunger for eliminating the majority vote in the appointment filling the at-large council seat.  Council President Peter Cunningham has smelled out the ruse and calls out Beth Mason for her planned litigation.

She didn’t like how he exposed her on that either.  That’s too bad.

It’s two weeks before the election but after that we’d best be getting some vintage AC/DC and Hell’s Bells.  Ask not for whom Satan’s bells tolls for, it tolls for thee.

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