BREAKING: 4th ward election criminal referrals now going to the Attorney General!

The Hudson Reporter just broke the latest bomb in the Tim Occhipinti election fraud scandal – the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office is now turning over the multitude of problems to the State Attorney General’s Office!

Today, the Hudson Reporter reported the criminal referrals transfer from the County Board of Elections to the County Prosecutor will be moving on to the State saying:

“We have the materials from the Superintendent of Elections which has been reviewed,” said Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio. “We intend to forward the matter to the Attorney General’s office for further review. And then where it goes from there, I cannot say at this point.”

Asked for comment Tim Occhipinti provided an emailed statement with a vague comment only saying, “I have every confidence in the process and I’m concentrating on doing what I was elected to do, serve the people of the 4th ward.”

Monday City Council meeting: Frank Raia (l) was named in the Lenz for Council complaint suspected of vote buying.  Lane Bajardi (r) was seen in the Tim O midnight lair video at Occhipinti HQ when word of investigators in the Hoboken Housing Authority had surfaced earlier that day.  

Reporter Ray Smith published the late breaking news earlier today.

Talking Ed Note:  Hoboken, The Eagle has Landed!

Special shout out to Assemblyman Ruben Ramos and Assemblywoman Joan Quigley,
“How do you like us now?”


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