Bout das debate

To say tonight was no pleasure would not quite put the right feel on the event. We’ll explain that more at an appropriate time. There were a few surprises, some staged prop uses and some hiding out on the big C word. It did not go unnoticed.

Beth Mason digs up last year’s movie satire depiction claiming her victimization.  “Putting me as Hitler,” she claimed.  You see Hitler anywhere on the left with her picture?

The word corruption was raised and the reactions by various candidates was very telling. As in if you play poker you take the pot down but oddly no one quite did to the tremendous relief of some, and the lackadaisical response of others. Too cryptic? You’re a smart bunch and Da Horsey will never take that for granted. Ever.

As many know MSV debate policy remains in effect. First you get to view and decide for yourselves. You don’t need a horse to steer you.

Seconds later, Beth Mason decried a mailer naming reform candidates with a PAC named.  When did she decide against local PACs?  Her personally funded one sidesteps individual contribution limits.

Video coming as soon as the hoofs can gallop over the tapes to the lab.

Just a final note to say to all of you, a great big thanks! MSV has smashed it’s all time highs since breaking the Mike Russo Bribe Tapes story and then making sure it did not die.

What can be shared with you is the authors of The Jersey Sting,” did not hear from any other media source in Hoboken after Mike Russo indirectly called them liars. For the record, MSV is proud they noted this to us and of course we’re ecstatic the truth did come out.

Time for the debate video to follow, it’s up to you to how it matters. Spread the word on MSV hitting it and we’ll have another surprise or two coming real soon.

Thanks again for noticing and for all the kind comments from new faces all over town.
If the gratitude has been low key, it’s because the response has been somewhat overwhelming.

And now it’s back to the videotape.

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