2nd and 5th ward City Council Forum

Last night’s city council forum featured eight candidates divided equally among the two wards until minutes into its start.  Then the unexpected happened right out of the gate.  Perennial candidate Patricia Waiters came out blasting on corruption saying she had enough. “I refuse to participate tonight…. with the same old corruption…. The corruption must stop. It’s not fair to the voters of Hoboken.” She completed her statement and then announced her departure saying, “Remember May 10th, no more corruption.”

The seven remaining candidates:  2nd ward council candidate Franz Paetzold,  2nd ward Councilwoman Beth Mason, 5th ward candidate Leonard Luizzi, 2nd ward candidate Tom Greaney, 5th ward council candidate Scott Delea, 5th ward councilman Peter Cunningham, and 5th ward council candidate Perry Belfiore.

Pt. 2 at the jump

Pt. 2

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