BoE Meeting at 7:00 – Old Guard vs. Kids First Showdown

Tonight is the showdown at the BoE regarding a move to November elections.  The “controversy” hasn’t materialized but for the Old Guard it’s life and death to regain control over the Hoboken BoE and a $60 million budget they want desperately to control again.  Under their auspices previous to the Kids First majority, there were multiple audit violations not found in one year but consecutive.

A petition campaign in subsidized housing will lead to the announcement of a non-binding initiative MSV mentioned Monday but the evidence is right there in the City Council agenda.  Click on the link below, it’s about two-thirds down, Resolution #17 or on the link just search for “changing the date of the school board.”

The Old Guard coordinates all its messaging in lockstep, right down to Tim Occhipinti’s words he reads out of an iPad so you will be hearing about this initiative at the Hoboken BoE later this evening and a non-binding vote on the ballot this November asking voters if they want to see BoE elections in November.

For all intents and purposes this is a pre-announced admission of defeat regarding a move to November elections but the Old Guard will try to present it as something more than a non-binding initiative in order to “shame” the actions of the duly election BoE representatives.

Close to 300 of 538 NJ school districts have already moved to November elections in less than a month since Governor Chris Christie signed the measure into law. 

The non-binding initiative is just another example of the Old Guard playing politics even as the world moves forward.  In this case, it’s on the City Council agenda before the question has even been discussed at the Hoboken BoE.

Gov. Chris Christie’s 2% cap is in place and if it’s exceeded, voters maintain the right to vote the budget up or down.  No BoE budget in Hoboken has ever been voted down.

Talking Ed Note: Well I’m heading off to the meeting and will be covering it with some special guests in attendance.
Hope to see members of Hoboken’s Reform community there to “Occupy the BoE” and show support for our Superintendent who has been unfairly put under duress by the Old Guard along with the rule of law even with several hundred NJ school districts already acting on behalf of November elections.

Questionable expansion and it’s negative impact at the Boys and Girls Club building leased from the City for $2 a year is the latest story from Amanda Staab on Hoboken Patch.

Related: Amanda Staab has a new story on the Boys & Girls Club. This one revolves around the use of the building leased by the City of Hoboken for $2 to HoLa.

There’s unhappiness with the treatment of the underprivileged children in the Club’s mission statement and the growing expansion of HoLa.  The story details plans discussed to become an elementary school meaning even more expansion:

Is any of this even legal?  MSV thinks this story is hardly over.  It’s only beginning.

Adios Hoboken graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger.

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