BLOCKBUSTER: FBI door raps around Hoboken leads to pleas for plea deals

The dozen plus wave of G-men hitting Hoboken City Hall just before the Memorial Day weekend has followed with a half-dozen home visits and likely more according to one source not directly connected to the federal criminal investigation.

The fireworks about to hit Hoboken later this month and past Labor Day won’t lead to one prominent official taken down as in the case of ex-mayor Peter Cammarano: not one meaning MORE than one.

As MSV noted the end of May, one Old Guard source conveyed near panic,

“A lot of people are going down…  
                 I’m telling you, a lot of people are going down.”

and that followed with:
“A lot of people in trouble…
                 On the Council and not on the Council.”

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Update: Grafix Avenger just posted on an email report of a 6:00 AM visit a week back confirming in small measure our story and its numerous independent sources.

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