Big Mo vs. Big Ground game

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The day started with shocking election news for many pollsters who declared the national presidential race over weeks ago.

Count Charlie Cook of the Cook Report on the list of pollsters who find themselves in full retreat. Previously pointing to a Fox poll weeks back he declared, “this race is over.” Today he was forced to admit that isn’t the case “like everyone else.” He remains adamant Clinton is the favorite Tuesday night.

Missing in the retreat is any mention about momentum, only a belief the continued unilateral support from the Corporate Media (including Fox), Wall St. and globalist backing near and far bucking against an American resistance dubbed by some as The Second American Revolution makes Clinton inevitable.

The LA Times/USC poll, singular in tracking thousands on a day to day and weekly basis shows Donald Trump surging to a five point lead as older polls are being pointed to by Real Clear Politics showing Hillary Clinton maintaining a slim lead.

But the trend is not her friend and neither is the FBI pursuing her as a target of not one but two investigations. The Clinton Foundation is suggested as ready for indictment by FBI sources who are in an all out war with the Obama Administration’s Department of Justice blocking indictments.

The national election may come down to a battle of momentum versus a well-funded ground game.

American awoke to this shifting electoral map:

Source: The Drudge Report
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