Amid strife, terrorist threats and NYPD Blue, it’s GOTV

From Hoboken to Venice Beach, an eye opening election season offered an education you can’t get in any school if you peaked under the covers and paid attention without covering your eyes.

As GOTV (Get Out The Vote) efforts ramp up, rumors of a terrorist attack have suddenly popped up pointing to Monday, the day before Election Day with New York, Virginia and Texas on the list in a NY Daily News story coming from anonymous federal officials. The NY Post has the same story.

More rumors are circulating in ever louder whispers emanating from different sources on the role the New York Police Department played in the widening FBI investigation evolving from the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal. What began as an investigation into sexual texts to a 15 year old North Carolina girl exploded into the reopening of the Hillary Clinton email scandal last Friday. Over 650,000 emails have been discovered on his computer with an untold amount shown coming and going from Hillary Clinton’s illicit home brewed and compromised server (involving at least five intel agencies) and unknown international actors.

Last weekend, the Clinton campaign urged the FBI release “all the information” but that talking point ceased within hours when the public learned hundreds of thousands of emails uncovered would be reviewed in an accelerated fashion with a coordinated Department of Justice effort. More rumors of the DOJ blocking past, present and future efforts as part of an endless list of law-breaking adds to the controversy.

Revealed to date is limited initial reports of Hillary Clinton State Department emails and possibly the missing 33,00 deleted among them. Worse, there’s been an undercurrent of speculation and rumor the emails will coincide with a separate 15 month FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation leading to a “likely indictment.” Some call it more akin to an international crime syndicate then the usual pay to play corruption.

It’s only a start as treason, Mid-East pipelines, Syria and pedophilia connected to Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express are all being whispered as part of the mix.

MSV shared months back with some an odd Horse Sense view New Hampshire may play a pivotal role in the national election battle. Similarly, months ago an election scenario predicted “poll tightening” that has come to pass as Americans learned of the poll term “oversampling” courtesy of the Hillary Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta and his WikiLeak emails.

Those emails reveal a fetid swamp with a constant drip drip drip.

In Hoboken, Mayor Zimmer is hitting the campaign trail hard and the BoE slate Forward Together harder as the majority for nine member board is at stake.

Corruption is but one issue among the historical mix in the featured Mile Square race.

Calm before the storm? This election season has been like none in most of our lifetimes. MSV explains the enormous
churn of information against a backdrop of public warnings of a terrorist attack before the election and why Donald Trump
is poised to make a remarkable comeback against both party establishments and globalist desires.

The rest of this article is MSV Premium edition and will be released this weekend.

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