Beth Mason’s creepy Valentine

If you thought it was beyond tasteless for Beth Mason to use the family checkbook and sue the population of Hoboken in a desperate bid for power with one hand while underwriting a Valentine to select, random residents – you just don’t know Beth.

For those unaware or distracted, the Mason family is still underwriting a lawsuit in the appeals court to nullify the legal appointment of Jim Doyle.

If you had forgotten about the ugly, staged power grab who could blame you.  Some local editors who hold Mason (or her weekly ads) in high esteem on their power list won’t even mention the culprits by name anymore.  They are now a faceless City Council entity spoken of as an opposition to the mayor while news in the lawsuit is relegated to less column inches than towing cars.

As for Mason’s allies in the lawsuit, at least Michael Russo, Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti have enough sense just to stick with suing the people of Hoboken in a power grab and not add insult to the situation by deploying a cheap pr stunt on Valentine’s Day.

That anyone would think there’s political mileage gained.  As if.

Here’s the Beth Mason latest political tin ear in action.

Beth Mason creepy Valentine: I’m suing you but I love you.  Random handouts on Valentine’s Day
won’t help her dreadful public image.  How many people is Beth suing again?

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