Beth Mason’s boys of hate and the joy of censorship

Censorship of speech is a major issue in Hoboken. A dozen residents faced the open-ended years long underwriting of a well financed civil lawsuit while others linked in their unpaid public service connected to the Reform movement faced heavy handed legal harassment with approval of Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi.

They voiced anti-corruption sentiments, questioned Beth Mason’s political operations against the City/people of Hoboken and her Old Guard allies.

At Hoboken411, Beth Mason’s boys of hate took their work to advance her political career seriously. The head propagandist wrote the political screeds duly published by the Hoboken411 blog owner. Anyone who got in the way was subject to censorship, Stasi type peering into their personal life or worse.

The joys of censorship wasn’t limited to comments from the Hoboken public of a political nature. Here one commenter notes they are not being allowed to respond to another and vociferously complains about censorship. (The name has been removed to protect the innocent.)

Perry Klaussen mocks the commenter in a March 16, 2011 email to his Hoboken411 blog partner Lane Bajardi calling her “a waste of estrogen.”

Talking Ed Note: Everyone in Hoboken political circles was aware of the unseemly relationship Beth Mason had via political operatives to Hoboken411. What the public may have suspected but didn’t know was the intimacy and the depths of the depravity involved.

Hoboken politicos knew, among them the rabid backers of Beth Mason who eyed the fruits of riding that family checkbook for whatever power, money and prestige they could garner for themselves. They knew about the smears, lies and character assassination on Hoboken411 and knew where it originated.

They remained silent and never made a public protest or voiced concern anywhere. They were as complicit as the ghostwriter in not only lowering the public discourse in Hoboken but doing great harm to the fabric of speech and the First Amendment in the Mile Square.

What a bunch of hypocritical totalitarians. Not a single one of them should be trusted with a pinky on a public institution. Ever.

That goes double for Beth Mason.

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