Beth Mason political operative James Barracato in last gasp bid to kill HUMC

Beth Mason declared “business partner” email reveals final bid to kill Hoboken University Medical Center deploying massive ad buy and “Occupy Wall St.” organizers
Part V – The Hospital

In October 2011, the nexus of efforts to save Hoboken University Medical Center reached a crescendo as the hospital ran on fumes and the sole bidder maintained its position the midtown garage’s inclusion was required in any sale for the hospital’s long term survival. Behind the scenes, state health officials in Trenton were alarmed by the dire financial situation and whispers said they may have no choice but to order the hospital closed.

Enter Beth Mason and her political operatives led by James “FinBoy” Barracato of Weehawken in a last ditch plan to stop any salvation sale, see the hospital closed and with it the City of Hoboken’s finances destroyed.

Beth Mason’s declared “business partner” James “FinBoy” Barracato’s email
reveals the Mason family efforts to undo saving Hoboken University Medical Center.
That success would mean destroying the City of Hoboken’s finances.

In a true, complete email to Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi with Lane Bajardi and Sara Stojkovic in late October 2011, James Barracato, the declared “business partner” of Beth Mason titles his email “Get Ready.”

Barracato outlined a massive Mason family ad expenditure to create public confusion and antipathy for the sale countering Mayor Zimmer and the hospital board’s efforts and undo the pending sale seeing the hospital’s last chance to survive die.

Beth Mason’s top political operative who also sits on her shadowy “charity” – the Mason Civic League – outlines further plans to enlist organizers of Occupy Wall St. His hope is they will provide an astroturf demonstration against Mayor Zimmer who with the hospital board are spearheading complex transactional efforts to save the hospital.

Reference in the email to coordinating propaganda efforts with the Star Ledger are highlighted. MSV at the time noted coordinated propaganda efforts showed both the reporter at the Star Ledger along with Mason’s political operative ghostwriter at Hoboken411 trying to tip the hospital’s closure into a fait acompli.

Those stories both occur on the exact day as the email below as part of a well coordinated final solution to kill Hoboken University Medical Center once and for all.

Kim Cardinal Bajardi responds referencing the desire the parking agreement necessary for the hospital sale “is too much” clearly indicative of hope to torpedo the hospital’s last chance to survive.

 Barracato responds saying he will forward legal news from Beth Mason’s attorney, Hoboken’s former Corporation Counsel Steve Kleinman on the efforts to block the garage being included in the hospital sale. Beth Mason’s business partner then complains about the cost of a birthday cake he’s arranging for her.

After Barracato in another email says he’s obtaining two cakes, one being gluten free, Kim Cardinal Bajardi responds:

Birthday cake from the Cake Boss for Beth Mason with a celebratory
plus of destroying Hoboken’s finances and HUMC?
The exclusive emails in the MSV hospital series shows the plan.

Talking Ed Note: There’s no concern expressed anywhere for the 1200 people who will lose their jobs with Hoboken University Medical Center, seeing a 100 year beloved institution closed or the City of Hoboken bankrupted as everyone is on the “same” page.

As noted in part one of the hospital series, the objective was to “destroy the administration.” If that political objective meant taking down the hospital’s last chance to survive and saddle Hoboken with over $80 million in liabilities, that was all a Mason win. You won’t see any of this covered by other local media, they staked out a completely irresponsible position lacking in basic journalistic ethics. But maybe more about the Hudson Reporter editors another time.

The Hospital series is dedicated to the tireless efforts of the hospital board and memory of its key member, Steve Rofsky.

“Business Partners” and Mason Civic League board members: James “FinBoy” Barracto and current occupant of the Hoboken second ward council seat Beth Mason.
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