Beth Mason squashes ethics reforms

Last night’s City Council meeting was sad on so many levels, inverting the universe is hard work and burying the truth along with much of Hoboken’s business is far easier.

Although you are unlikely to get the context anywhere else in the editor controlled local news universe, the true story of the night isn’t the amount of work tabled re: removed from the agenda, this council led by Beth Mason and Mike Russo is becoming regulars at stopping progress.  Although you will see the coverage elsewhere on the process to fix up Mama Johnson field and get that up and running more for all of Hoboken; that too is not the real story.

There was a another front in a war begun last night.  It’s going to be a battle for the heart and soul of Hoboken leading into May’s City Council elections.  Councilman Peter Cunningham sponsored a package of ethics reforms consisting of two main elements, an update of People for Open Government’s earlier pay to play ordinance along with another hot area of NJ municipal and state reform: wheeling.

Beth Mason who declared herself a champion of such matters now finds herself working hand in hand with its very enemies embracing the other side, re: Mike Russo who certainly is no friend of ethics reforms or a budget hawk as he likes to say.

Beth Mason in her term this year has abused the powers of chair in the City Council but this blatant attempt to misuse power was the absolute worst to date.  She was desperate to impose unilateral powers that do not exist in order to stop any discussion in front of the public on one simple matter:


Corporation Counsel later explained the full body could act on the sponsored legislation as they see fit.  In other words, Beth Mason tried to impose dictatorial powers she doesn’t have to crush ethics legislation and depose it into a subcommittee re: a circular file where she (and Mike Russo) wish to see it die.  (Earlier last month she manipulated all the existing subcommittees for just such opportunities.  Yet another example of the benefits of Tim Occhipinti’s fraudulent elevation.)

This is a big issue and it’s not going to die.  Stay tuned, more episodes to come….

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