Beth Mason Recall – November 2013 – IT’S ON!

Weekend political column exposes plan to recall Beth Mason!
According to a column today by political writer Al Sullivan, “there may be a recall effort” forming against Councilwoman Beth Mason in the second ward.  MSV will go further and say there’s truly something afoot and the winds are blowing northeasterly from one area of Hoboken and it’s a prominent Old Guard political family leading the charge.
This will certainly come as a pleasant surprise to the Boys of Summer in Newark who will happily listen to any and all who wish to voice complaints about Beth Mason and her nefarious crew of operatives. As readers may recall, in 2011 Beth Mason tossed tens of thousands of dollars into the Hoboken streets to “obtain” less votes than her earlier run avoiding a runoff by only 10 votes.  Those traceable dollars are a potential bonanza in unearthing wrong-doing in any federal investigation. 
Based on multiple sources, Hoboken’s Old Guard has already identified a candidate for the second ward recall effort.  The ebullient choice however is less than jubilant at this point in time to dive into the waters – even knowing there is complete support coming from people within his voting base. The support for their candidacy would see strong support from major electoral and financial backers.
While the Old Guard replacement for Beth Mason isn’t enthusiastic for the signature collections required, if the collection effort turns for the better in a petition count, they have the ability to reconsider and sign on board.  They’ll have a head start, well above anyone else.
Reform on the other hand, not a party to the insurrection is highly unlikely to join any resource intensive requirement involved in such a herculean effort.  A Beth Mason recall would need thousands of signatures among approximately six-thousand registered voters inside the second ward.  A recall candidate would need to hit the ground running and be a high profile leader in such an effort going in.  It would be a serious investment in both time and money and certainly mean putting aside any summer plans.
From a City Hall perspective, the effort doesn’t have much upside and is a distraction to the needed work at hand.  Mayor Dawn Zimmer is preparing for a bruising, nasty mayoral campaign and is working to finalize three candidates for her at-large slate.  With Jim Doyle’s appointment tied up in the Mason family appeal to the appellate court, she has more than enough on her plate trying to get a budget passed let alone engage in non-essential duties for a council seat not required to her effort.  With the mayor’s at-large slate undetermined, the focus needs to be square on getting that job to completion so election efforts can get underway.
As for a second ward recall, there’s no candidate even identified let alone ready to spearhead this effort on behalf of Reform.  The Old Guard selection is very much in the driver’s seat if traction takes in the petition drive.
With the summer election season heating up in Hoboken, Beth Mason will find herself under fire.  When the petition efforts hit the ground, it’s going to be an ugly reminder of her standing not only to reform minded residents but her “allies” in the Old Guard.
That’s too bad.
Unofficial logo of the Beth Mason Recall effort.

Talking Ed Note: MSV explained earlier this week that Beth Mason and her family’s effort to purchase political office was in free fall in its subscriber release earlier this week.

Told ya.

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