Beth Mason political operative Matt Calicchio charged in alleged threats against Hoboken senior


A full time employee of Councilwoman Beth Mason appeared in Hoboken Municipal Court yesterday reported by court witnesses to be facing one or more charges alleged by a Hoboken senior of Fox Hills.

Matt Calicchio, the full time Hoboken political operative for Beth Mason who most recently worked on the failed Raia-Mason “One Hoboken” campaign was summoned and arraigned in charges alleged by Jackie Carmody, a Hoboken senior who heads the Fox Hills tenant association.

The list of charges recounted by court observers reportedly include harassment, attempted assault and trespassing.  Confirmation on the exact charges and complete police report were not available at publication.  At least part of the allegation(s) stem from Calicchio becoming embroiled in some dispute where he allegedly “raised his fist” against the senior resident.

Judge Mongiello, the Chief Judge of the Hoboken Municipal Court inquired to verify Matt Calicchio’s existing employment with Councilwoman Beth Mason and after confirmation promptly moved for a change of venue in the case.  A Hudson County court will host and arrange for the next hearing to avoid any potential conflicts.  In addition to working full time for Beth Mason, Calicchio also currently serves as a fourth ward Democratic Committeeman.

Before mediation, Matt Calicchio appeared with a lawyer thought provided by the Mason family and was said by observers to be optimistic the case would end there.  After the change of venue, Calicchio was said by one observer to be unhappy with seeing the case moved out of Hoboken.

“He was mad,” an observer stated.  “He thought he could just pull some moves and he would get off the hook.”

Sources also said they believe Matt Calicchio is currently living illegally in Fox Hills, the uptown seniors building in the fifth ward which is the site of the alleged incidents.  Calicchio’s grandmother resides in Fox Hills and his rumored living in the senior building has been described as ongoing over “years.”

Several months ago MSV asked HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia if Matt Calicchio was living in the Fox Hills building but Garcia said the allegation was untrue.

Calicchio, a regular at Hoboken government meetings often seen at local and county events with Beth Mason officially lives in a downtown HHA building on Marshall Drive.  Questions on his actual residence raises additional questions who may be living in the downtown location.

Calicchio has also been tied previously to systematic voting irregularities in the HHA.

Reached by phone earlier today, Ms. Carmody declined to discuss details of the ongoing case.

Matt Calicchio with his employer Beth Mason seen here at the 1600 Park opening ceremony
is back in trouble with the law.  An apparent Mason appointed lawyer was unable
to see charges alleged by a Hoboken senior squashed.

Talking Ed Note: Beth Mason was contacted for comment on her employee’s latest legal case but wasn’t available.  She is typically “unavailable” to media inquiries when uncomfortable questions arise.

Matt Calicchio was not contacted as he threatens to file police complaints when addressed and has done so in the past when questioned on the 2012 harassment case involving a BoE trustee and her five year old daughter.  Earlier this year he threatened to file charges against a sitting HHA commissioner for saying “hello.”

Last night, as MSV went through the metal security detector before the City Council meeting, Matt Calicchio came up from behind and said “It would be better if you drop dead,” and followed with a threat to file charges with the Hoboken Police Department.  

Last month, charges arising from a question posed in a phone call interview related to the BoE case led to a falsified police report thrown out of court in Jersey City.

Related: The Union City Court in 2012 was not happy with both Matt Calicchio and another Beth Mason employee, Tania Garcia in the BoE case but elected not to file perjury charges.  Judge Macias said it would be better to be found guilty of harassment as he contrasted, “What’s very disturbing is that people openly lie under oath.”

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