Angel Alicea admission: Met with FBI informant Solomon Dwek twice, informed campaign

In his discrimination case against the City of Hoboken, former Public Safety Director Angel Alicea admitted he met with the FBI’s star witness Solomon Dwek, not once but twice. He stated he did not accept $5,000 offered to the campaign but felt Dwek may have been trying to set him up.

Alicea claims he was discriminated against when facing termination upon Mayor Zimmer learning of the meeting. Alicea resigned when confronted but later said he faced terminated due to his efforts to make changes in the Hoboken Police Department.  The contention was given a hammer blow by the judge earlier this week when he refused to allow any rumors surrounding steroid testing in the department be admissible.

The video comes courtesy of our colleagues at Hudson County TV.

Talking Ed Note: This is one of several Louis Zayas cases filed against the City.  Mr. Zayas is learning the cash register isn’t ringing in Hoboken.  What happens when you can’t extract a fat settlement in a case like this?  The embarrassment seen above in a trial.

Alicea’s complaint revolves around the problems he had with the Hoboken Police Department. Any idea the mayor worked with the HPD to stop drug testing is ludicrous on its face and hardly a method to make a discrimination case.

The judge torpedoed the whole basis for that proposition and it’s all downhill from here.  There’s no pot of gold and no damages which can be proven aiding the plaintiff.

Lot of that problem going around for Louis Zayas’ clients and others.

Zayas is the attorney who filed the infamous Carmelo Garcia “ethnic cleansing” case.

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