Beth Mason on public’s First Amendment rights, then and now

In 2011, Beth Mason says “We have no control” on public comment in City Council

Back in 2011, Beth Mason temporarily held the chair of the City Council and had an entirely different perspective on how public portion should be managed.

In the short video clip below, notice Mason’s response to then Corporation Counsel Mark Tabakin who interjects the council members are about to be made witnesses to slander.  Minutes earlier she is caught in a political operation attempting to manipulate the speaker’s list.

Beth Mason voices a contrary perspective on public comment in City Council and has no concern about slander before the government body.  According to Beth Mason, “We have no control…”

January 2011 slander halted but “happy to republish on some blogs somewhere.”

Compare that to her demand to suppress the public’s First Amendment rights after Phil Cohen’s comments last Wednesday criticizing the tactics of Mason, Russo, Castellano and Occhipinti to avoid a court ordered vote of the full eight council members on the Jim Doyle appointment.

Got hypocrisy?

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