Beth Mason calls for suppressing the public in City Council

Councilwoman Beth Mason, the transparently anti-democratic council member with a hyperactive litigious streak called for the suppression of the public speaking before the City Council at Wednesday night’s meeting.

After a blistering deconstruction of the Old Guard Council’s legal subterfuge by Hoboken resident Phil Cohen, Mason demanded the Corporation Counsel intervene and silence the public from applying their First Amendment rights when addressing the City Council saying as part of her job she should halt them telling them “to stop,” when they “start crossing the line” before adding “we’ve talked about (this) before.”

Beth Mason called for suppression of the public’s speech rights in the City Council Wednesday night.
She complained vociferously in July to Corporation Counsel when MSV asked that public information
of the Mason Civic League be released to the general public.

The volley demanding censorship of the public erupted after Cohen stated the Old Guard Council had intentionally staged absences, first by Beth Mason and then Michael Russo in order to avoid a 4-4 tie where the mayor would cast a tie-breaking vote on the open council seat appointment.

MSV cemented Cohen’s charges shortly after noting Beth Mason was seen driving in her vehicle in Hoboken not two hours before the early October council meeting.  She gave no notification she would be absent and the entire council was already noticed the important at-large council seat appointment was on the agenda.

Wednesday night Terry Castellano tried to rebut Cohen saying Mason “was out of the country,” then harangued former Councilwoman Carol Marsh who she said staged a “calculated resignation” setting up a council back filling appointment of the body and “don’t you think that was a little disingenuous?”  (Castellano herself conveniently forgets she cast a vote in an earlier council appointment years ago voting for her own godson and cousin – Michael Russo!)

Not minutes later Castellano would deny she made any such a claim when challenged how she could support her contention Carol Marsh had made a calculation when her resignation came due to a family incident beyond her control.

In the video, Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo patiently explains the council members should not discuss or respond to the public’s comments on a live legal matter in the courts.  To this sound legal advice, Mason interjects the Corporation Counsel is not her lawyer.

Sounding flippant, the comment is not incorrect.  Beth Mason has an army of lawyers on the payroll and they are suing four of her fellow council members, the City Clerk, the mayor, the Corporation Counsel, the Hoboken public as a whole and what many believe is another dozen or more Hoboken residents in a civil suit Mason herself announced in a July council meeting before it was filed in Hudson Superior Court.

Just don’t call Beth Mason overly lititgious or she’ll sue you.

The short video clip here begins with Councilwoman Terry Castellano looking out to Phil Cohen as she bitterly complains about Carol Marsh’s “calculated” resignation not once but twice.

Beth Mason later calls for the public’s speech to be repressed as Castellano points her left arm out toward the audience in agreement with that call.  MSV can also confirm, Michael Russo would make a similar demand after the meeting.

Melissa Longo informs the council the public’s speech rights has wide leeway including on legal matters although it’s not prudent for the council to act likewise in matters of ongoing lititgation.

Are Beth Mason’s totalitarian demands sufficiently transparent in this video?

Talking Ed Note: The Old Guard council members are very frustrated with the election results.  Although the expenditures for the Nazi Truck, hundreds of vote-by-mail “campaign workers” are invisible and likely to remain missing from ELEC reports, the investment in suppressing the public (and this website) failed miserably leading into the November elections.

SLAPP suits, political operative intimidation tactics, Masonista paid online blogging operations, Nazi Truck videos, midnight fliers yielded not just a miserable campaign sweep across the board but signalled a complete waste of both time and money well into six figures when tallied together.

What’s left other than stopping the freedom loving hordes at the gates of the City Council dais itself?

Beth Mason is running out of rope (in more ways than one).  MSV has obtained additional problematic information on the Mason Civic League. In due course, it will be presented for all the public and law enforcement authorities to review at a time and place of our choosing.

Happy Nightmares minions.

Today’s MSV smash mouth feature stories are dedicated to my great friend Reformus Gianticus and my brother Dino.
Both never back down to a bully, no matter the form it appears.

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