Beth Mason court date Tuesday in alleged criminal complaint against MSV

Thanksgiving week has arrived making us wistful what more is possible in 2014. Beth Mason looks at the calendar and watches her self-obsessed political career ambitions dwindling. Then she looks who she can blame other than herself.

MSV will be facing Beth Mason in court Tuesday in Jersey City in her years long warring against the First Amendment.
That’s not the only date she is facing the witness box.

From Beth Mason’s filed criminal complaint after handed a court approved subpoena in City Council chambers:

“Actor did forcefully smack a court document on the victims chest. 
This caused the victim to be offended/alarmed.”

Filing a frivolous criminal complaint constitutes perjury and a malicious abuse of process or so say NJ legal beagles.
Help bring Beth Mason to justice.

or via snail mail,
Check or (anonymous) money order to :
R.W. Brice
1032 Hudson Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

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