Beth Mason abuses public trust, Council Prez powers

Monday night at the emergency meeting, Councilwoman Beth Mason acting as the Hoboken City Council President demonstrated her idea of impartiality in the position abusing the public trust and the President’s powers by manipulating the short speakers list during the public portion so her ubermensch political operative, Lane Bajardi of Hoboken411 (or Mason411 as some now call it) could have the last word.

Using some secret Masonic code, (texting during the meeting is not readily possible with Beth Mason front and center) the plan was to bump up yours truly on the list. At the previous City Council meeting having signed up at the very end, it came as an odd surprise to hear one’s name called second.

As there was only five names listed in the public portions both before the agenda item was heard and after, it was pretty difficult to mess it up unless of course you are running a political agenda while holding the City Council Chair.

In this clip, yours truly refuses to take center stage and Beth Mason tries to coax Da Horsey to the microphone except she lacks any organic carrots to do so and the jig is most certainly up. Former Councilman Mike Lenz sitting on the other side of the room detects the political operation and blurts out what’s going on, “Lane Bajardi wants to go last and Beth Mason is helping him…”

Hey, it’s the least she can do for all his hard work attacking people in the City Council on her behalf, whether elected or public official, or just a member of the public even speaking to the Council for the very first time.

The political operation collapses when Councilman Peter Cunningham asks the City Clerk for the list. At that point, Beth Mason quickly folds and calls Lane Bajardi to take the microphone. He screams out from the audience claiming his victimization (he’s always a victim) about the injustice of it all, that this has been done before. Moments later, he’ll go on a screed so vile of slander and defamation the Corporation Counsel interrupts, concerned the Council is being made a witness to his criminal actions in a live broadcast. Beth Mason defends the vile bile from Lane Bajardi claiming the Council “can’t control” him.

That’s some political operation they have going at Mason411. Beth Mason is up for re-election in the 2nd ward this May. People may not take too kindly to her abuse of authority at the expense of the public.

Da Horsey didn’t and decided to hold fast like a donkey.

Correction: What the minion did at the City Council microphone is slander, what he usually does at Mason411 is libel. Da Horsey apologizes for a desire to rhyme and get ahead of ourselves. The minion only threatened to break the law further at a later time.

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