90 Washington Street: Mind Control HQ

There’s a ton of material to review and present to the public from last night but with all the missteps of the Mason-Russo junta, it’s going to take a mucho effort to illustrate their reign of terror against the Hoboken people.

The obsession for anyone speaking their mind publicly by their little attack minion is disturbing but par for the course for the deranged and mentally disturbed who can convince themselves in an eyelash free speech means they have the right to say whatever invective they wish in City Council meetings (or on Hoboken411) and everyone else who dares to say otherwise is some sort of Oswald conspiracy participant.  Sadly, Councilman Nino Giacchi has now enlisted into the idea of mind-bending drugs traveling on the airwaves from City Hall to several websites and commenters.  (Da Horsey hopes he gets better, because he’s far better than that.)

Michelle Russo (c) and Lane Bajardi share an intimate moment
hugging it out at last night’s Romano-Ramos event

Grafix Avenger lays out some of the hilarity in superb satirical fashion producing more laughs per line than anyone in town.  If there was more time, Da Horsey would try to take up the challenge to meet her halfway.  But why bother?  Grafix Avenger has been doing the best satire in Hoboken for a good long while.  Some of it is hilarious, some borderline dangerous and some of it well, let’s just say everyone has their own favorite soft drink.

This one well, it’s a direct hit.

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