Al Arezzo to City: %&*) off!

Al Arezzo is gone but not forgotten.  At least his memory lives on in the minds of City Council meetings where his name was reverently mentioned along with his untimely departure and lawsuit against the City of Hoboken Wednesday night.

During a discussion on the legal work required, an exasperated Corporation Counsel Mark Tabakin responded to the obstructive complaints from MORTe he should plan better by responding, “Then stop getting sued.”

Councilwoman Terry Castellano decided this was a good time to note the former employees who are suing the City.  (As one commenter noted recently, that’s been a cottage industry in Hoboken for decades.)

So to acknowledge Councilwoman Castellano’s reverential reference to Al Arezzo and his lawsuit, here’s an actual memo from the foul mouthed former construction official to former Business Administrator Arch Liston as he threatens the City for attempting to have the construction office scheduled for sexual harassment training.

Arezzo apparently would not last in his job much longer after issuing this letter the end of December back in 2010.

It’s unknown how this memo may have played into the outcome where he was shown the door in February last year.  Knowing a little about the tough no nonsense competence of BA Liston, that would make for a great story.

Al Arezzo Suspension Letter

Talking Ed Note:  Councilwoman Castellano made reference to Al Arezzo being taken out of City Hall but MSV had originally posted such a scenario based on a source who recanted and the story was quickly taken down.  Later that evening, MSV would address the City Council and apologize for that error as members obviously saw the story and were discussing it as fact.

MSV again extends its apologies for perpetuating such a myth and seeing it repeated at the last City Council meeting by Councilwoman Castellano.

Last February MSV broke the story on Al Arezzo’s unscheduled departure from the Construction Office where he was a scourge to many citizens who some suggest are quietly awaiting an opportunity to retell their accounts of corruption surrounding the Hoboken Construction Office with Arezzo out of power.

Grafix Avenger recently wrote about a Beth Mason political operative family not paid for friendship who are unique in their admiration for Al Arezzo – as in solitarily alone.

Update: A reader provided an extensive comment, one MSV can not qualify at the moment but it reads like an Elmore Leonard novel.

Al is flailing away in the last gasps of a dying/dead era of Hoboken, an ugly chapter that hopefully we won’t be re-reading. All the revisionist historians characterizing this guy as a hero sticking it to a “corrupt” administration should be careful what they wish for. The Hoboken of Arezzo’s heyday still has a lot of untold tales of out-and-out organized crime that have yet to come out, and many of the phony moralizers you hear talking about the “great city” Zimmer is “ruining” are going to get knocked off their high horse when the stories come out about what made the old days so “great” for them personally. 

A lot of the cops have got to be sweating bullets over all the people they and their families have shaken down over the years — people who are getting more and more comfortable slipping their stories into circulation. Make no mistake, people. The dirt is coming, and it’s all coming, and soon. There are outspoken police union reps who are going to be answering uncomfortable questions about their families’ pest-control business practices. There are angry, blustery cops who live in Marine View who are going to be on the wrong side of questions about possible past criminal activity by them and their families. 

There are old mob ties that are going to bubble back to the surface for numerous city officials, past and present. When people talk about bringing back “The Real Hoboken,” this is the Hoboken they’re talking about. A dangerous, notorious stomping ground for criminals and thugs, bullies and shakedown artists who “made Hoboken great” for themselves and their cronies, but a living nightmare for everyone else. And a lot of the “everyone else” folks are still here, and they’re talking. And they like the change and shudder at the thought of turning back the clock to the days when they had to pay variations of the “protection money” game just to survive. 

And then you’ve got assholes like Mr. “Zimmlenz” clown shoes up there, as if there’s much doubt who we’re talking to there (Hint: Eddie Munster hair, pants too high, overdresses for council meetings, loves to throw bombs in that velvetty radio voice, hate hate hates Dawn Zimmer). Well I’ve got news for you, “Zimmlenz.” The old days of Hoboken you’re trying to spin and revise because it can’t possibly be worse than the worstest-thing-on-earth, Mayor Dawn Zimmer, well guess what? You wouldn’t have lasted 2 seconds in that Hoboken, my friend. You would have been eaten alive. You think you would have wormed your way to the inside like the rest of the scumbag sellouts like Mason, Occhipinti, Delea, Paetzhold and all those other bozos, and gotten taken care of? They didn’t NEED a fresh coat of paint back then (and trust me, that’s all you are to them). They would have run you into the ground like the yuppie scum that you are. And if you went down to city hall meetings and tried out your little eloquent-bomb-throwing schtick back then, they would’ve put you in a body cast, Frank Hague-style. 

So go ahead and keep spinning the bad old days, jerkoff. The true stories of the bad old days have yet to come out, and when they do, not if, but when, you may keep putting on a strong face, but I hope you have the common sense to realize you better pray hard that you never get your wish. Wait and see, my friends. Wait and see.

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