5th ward council candidate Leonard Luizzi: A Sad Day for Hoboken

Leonard Luizzi for 5th ward council announces:

Sad day for the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor

In 1863 the Catholic Franciscan Sisters of the poor opened a community hospital in Hoboken to serve the poor and the less fortunate.  That was over 148 years ago and in 2008 the Catholic organization managing the hospital transferred the hospitals ownership over to the city, at no cost, with the understanding that the city of Hoboken was going to continue its ministry of serving the poor and disadvantaged.   
It is obvious that the Catholic organization that owned the hospital could have sold the hospital for 90 million dollars at that time, the land value plus all of the hospital’s equipment is probably worth more than 90 million.  And the reason that Hoboken received this hospital was to maintain its commitment and the covenant of providing health services to those who are less fortunate. 
Now, Peter Cunningham and the Mayor Zimmer team have sold the hospital to a for profit company without any regard to the original mission of providing health services for those in need.  Selling a community hospital that services our community when at the same time bonding 20 million dollars to buy a property, originally a chemical plant, to build a public park.  
This, to me is a , sad day in the history of our city.  
Leonard Luizzi
Candidate for 5th Ward Councilman

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