Mayor Zimmer celebrates Festivus vetoing council approved public referendum on runoffs

Mayor Zimmer makes last divisive, partisan act against Hoboken voters for Ravi Bhalla

In what will likely be her final major act as mayor, Dawn Zimmer vetoed a decisive 7-2 council vote to let Hoboken voters decide next November if runoff elections should return to the Mile Square City.

The mayor’s final major action was her final slap at a City Council where her support evaporated last June when she cut a backroom deal late into election season announcing she would not run for a third term and immediately put up Councilman Ravi Bhalla as her endorsed alternative. She had ignored her council allies backing her earlier third term bid before publicly announcing her decision.

Hudson County View reported on the story where Mayor Zimmer defended her veto calling the City Council vote an act by a lame duck body ignoring the irony of her last days as a lame duck mayor.

In the story, Mayor Zimmer noted numerous grievances before Festivus against the City Council that voted to allow the public to decide if they want a return to runoff elections next November. Festivus is an imaginary holiday with one plank of the Seinfeld inspired holiday being the “airing of grievances.”

The mayor claimed a runoff in December would lead to “political deals” ignoring that her baton pass to Ravi Bhalla saw most of his political contributions come from outside Hoboken and a shadowy PAC that spent tens of thousands of dollars on cable TV ads and negative mailers.

In January new council members Vanessa Falco and Emily Jabbour will join the nine member council but another vote is not expected to see any change in the lopsided vote. Some observers expect the 7-2 vote will be duplicated come January.

The need to have the council vote on the question of runoffs again means the City Council will likely act in strong unity opposing mayoral-elect Ravi Bhalla. There’s been no public apology for the scorched earth campaign Bhalla ran against opponents but pointedly the smears against City Council President Jen Giattino who had called him a friend.

Six votes are required by the City Council to erase a mayoral veto and an ordinance will require two readings for passage.

Nancy Pincus who runs the Sybil Cave uber cult Ravi Bhalla blog
annoyed former HHA Chairwoman Dana Wefer who spoke out against the
$700,000 payoff to Carmelo Garcia. Wefer said in a Facebook post
she is not the reason for the action as alleged and the public will be “shocked”
when the truth eventually comes out.

Talking Ed Note: MSV supports instant-runoffs and does not favor the old runoff system. However, the issue is one for the voters to decide not a lame duck hyperpartisan elitist, re: Mayor Zimmer.

Council members have stated the professional manner of meetings in recent years is not changing with the change in mayors. Many council votes back to 2016 have been unanimous and disagreement has been voiced respectfully unlike in earlier years.  A small group of rabid Bhalla backers have continuously attacked council members Peter Cunningham, Tiffanie Fisher and Jen Giattino who while not vocalizing any opposition to the incoming administration, have not bowed to kiss “the ring.”

Mayor Zimmer’s veto however is not expected to bridge any potential differences with a new administration while the new council in January should continue its professional working posture.

In the matter of the recent public outcry over Carmelo Garcia being approved for a $700,000 payoff, re: “the settlement,” former Hoboken Housing Authority Chair Dana Wefer blasted the decision further in a Facebook post late Friday saying the public outrage will turn to “shock” when more facts about the litigation is learned.

Wefer was responding in part to an allegation she is to blame for the Garcia $700,000 payoff as claimed on the rabid pro-Bhalla Sybil Cave’s website. In the usual Hoboken411 style practiced there, Wefer was not invited to comment to an allegation made with no evidence.

In her Facebook post, Wefer who is an attorney said she had not been deposed and her testimony would not have aided Carmelo Garcia’s “ethnic cleansing”civil lawsuit.

The Facebook post pointed at one rumored source of the allegation against her calling Stan Grossbard, a defendant in the same litigation “a bad person.” Wefer added she stayed away from Grossbard calling that action, “the smartest thing I did.”

Housing & Urban Development (HUD) is reviewing the $700,000 settlement/payoff. MSV will highlight more on how residents can communicate their concern to HUD on the outrageous payoff under review to Garcia.

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