Zoning attorney wins award for ethics

Atlantic City: The League of Municipalities recognizes good governance practices and recently highlighted the Hoboken Corner Cars program as a positive innovation but the good news for the town doesn’t end there.  Hoboken’s Zoning Board attorney placed the town on top again with a prestigious award.

The award for ethics in government – the Michael A. Pane Award was presented to Dennis M. Galvin, Esq by both Mrs. Pane and her son, Michael Pane.  The plaque reads, “Conferred upon the Attorney who has exemplified the highest standards of ethics and whose work has significantly enhanced the integrity of local government.”

Mr. Galvin, addressed the State’s local government lawyers, saying: “No one is perfect. We are all put to the test. The difference is how we respond to our test by the choices we make. We must seek out the better nature in ourselves and in those we represent. Good and bad choices are contagious. Let’s make ethical behavior viral.”

Mr. Galvin is expected to submit an article on the subject for the League of Municipalities publication.

MSV is proud to extend hearty congratulations to Mr. Galvin doing Hoboken proud.

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