Phil and Da Mayor – You’re invited Friday nite

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An Invitation From Phil Cohen

Friday night, March 26, we are hosting a gathering of friends and neighbors to meet with Board President Rose Marie Markle,  Board Trustee Irene Sobolov,  Jean Marie Mitchell and Leon Gold, four outstanding candidates on the Kids First ticket for the Hoboken Board of Education. 
In these tough fiscal times, now more than ever, we need committed public servants who can lead the Hoboken Public Schools to deliver better results in the classroom, while offering fiscally responsible leadership.

Please come to our home on
Friday March 26th,
from 7-9,
for some food, drink & a chance to meet and speak withRo, Irene, Jean Marie and Leon. Learn how they plan to address the challenges facing our city’s public schools. 
We look forward to seeing you and having a great night.
Phil Cohen
206 11th Street
(between Garden & Park)
(201) 963-8586 

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