Your favorite ringworm

Stealing an opponent’s thunder is one of the oldest tricks in the book. And today no matter what you think of the new candidate for mayor, Frank “Pupie” Raia did exactly that announcing his formal entry into the ring this afternoon just hours before Councilwoman Beth Mason’s official announcement.
Seems like it was only yesterday, that as the Acting Mayor was sworn in under the cloud of Peter Cammarano’s resignation, Beth Mason was announcing while on “vacation” her intention to consider running for mayor. That lad karma certainly does have a sense of humor.

Are your ready to say Mayor Pupie? Many Hoboken “birthers,” – a term coined by InfotainMe, have been suffering since their support of Peter Cammarano ended in ruins. Frank Raia is looking to pacify that frustration and garner their votes. Should he do so, he could be a formidable candidate in a potential race of six or seven candidates.
Photo courtesty: Hoboken Now, Amy Sara Clark

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