You have a choice: the short end of the Stick or have a Giant lead your fight against Hudson County’s Tax Machine

A specter is haunting Hoboken – the specter of Giantism.  It’s buzzing around in Jersey City Heights, it’s been virally spreading throughout the Mile Square and it’s entering into the consciousness of Zimmer Zombies everywhere.

Kurt Gardiner’s campaign is creating a buzz.  His platform for accountability, lower taxes and more services has struck a nerve.  Hoboken doesn’t want to hear about some paved roads while getting the short end of the stick.

Today and tomorrow are the decisive hours.  The mobilization and fight on behalf of the hospital and Hoboken was a big victory for all of us.  Now the battle continues.

Will you fight?

Or will you sit by and allow business as usual?  Just consider:

Let’s continue the fight for Hoboken tomorrow Election Day!

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