You don’t say – almost 545 vote by mail ballots out there!


While much of Hoboken is not paying attention to the November 2nd special election for the fourth ward – the only ‘noise’ on the ballot is for Congress and County Sheriff, a war is going on in the back of town as promised by Frank Raia.

That war focused on the corner of town where the Hoboken Housing Authority is based has been extremely busy.  Why you could almost feel the pulse of a campaign back there although the rest of Hoboken is practically silent.

MSV is confirming that vast majority of vote by mail ballots are based from this corner of Hoboken.  Although there’s been misdirected attacks made against Da Horsey and our colleague at the the Hoboken Journal for shining some light on this aspect of “voting” by a certain political faction wishing you wouldn’t look there, here’s the facts.

An operation to enlist residents of the HHA is very clearly underway – as ‘campaign workers’ no doubt. The overall numbers for the fourth ward are as follows:

  • there are 544 vote by mail ballot requests already made
  • over 300 of those outstanding ballots have already been returned
  • today is the last day to request a vote by mail ballot

Roughly 60% of this ‘campaign’ to bring in this specific ‘vote’ is already completed.

MSV is pleased to present the complete documentation showing page after page of vote by mail requests showing the actual evidence of where ‘the war’ is taking place.  As you can see from even a cursory scan, much of the addresses in the public information obtained from the Hudson County Board of Elections is specifically in the HHA areas.


4th Ward Vote By Mail 9_22_10 -10_25_10

According to a letter in the Hudson Reporter, Tim Occhipinti is happy to speak to people and answer questions.  Perhaps folks will ask him to explain this.  Or maybe ask the people working on his campaign starting with his campaign manager, Jamie Cryan, Councilman Mike Russo, Matt Calicchio, communications spokesman David Cruz, Michelle Russo, former Freeholder Maurice Fitzgibbons, Mike Novak, Frank Raia, and Hoboken411 ghostwriter Lane Bajardi.

Listen to the wind blow and hear their silence echo across town.  And to paraphrase Councilman Russo from the last City Council meeting,

‘What did you know and when did you know it?’

Related: Frank Raia was quoted by Timothy J. Carroll in PolitickerNJ as cited in this story.  Carroll’s complete piece on these paper ballots is mandatory reading for this election:

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