Year of the Tiger

Since the United States is now practically a subsidiary of the Chicoms, it’s only fitting that we recognize the Chinese calendar.  Perhaps if we adopt it, they will continue to buy the US record selling debt via US Treasuries.  Or maybe not.  Well when you are about to create a run on your currency, anything is worth a try.  If that doesn’t work, how about going back and bowing?  Has to get the US more than the pat on the back from the last visit.

Here’s one general summary.  One way or another it will be a big one for Da Horsey.

General Predictions for the Year of the Tiger
The year of the Tiger is traditionally associated with massive changes and social upheaval. Therefore, 2010 is very likely to be a volatile one both on the world scene, as well as on a personal level. Tigers who thrive on chance and unpredictabilty are best suited to navigating the many upheavals predicted in the year ahead. Those compatible with the Tiger — the Dragon and the Horse in particular — may also find 2010’s erratic circumstances inspiring them to ever bolder action, and ultimate success.  Those born under other signs will suffer, by degree, depending on how flexible they are to change. Those who can keep a steady hand on the helm may be shaken, but undeterred by the typically thunderous events foreseen in any Tiger year.

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