Year end City Council showdown as judge orders council vote tonight

Judge refuses to go along with Old Guard legal scam and orders full vote of council on at-large appointment

Another Old Guard scam comes to ruin at the 2012 City Council finale after Hudson County Assignment Judge Peter Bariso ordered the full eight members of the City Council to vote tonight on Jim Doyle’s at-large appointment.

The judge didn’t buy the argument the mayor wanted to take “two bites at the apple,” as Councilman Michael Russo told the Jersey Journal before he concluded, “that is not how democracy works.”
Works as in taking taxpayer money and shirking your responsibility to vote on an appointment?  That’s the canard put forward and one Hudson County Judge Peter Bariso clearly didn’t buy in the usual legal 30 day timeline for completing a council appointment.
It’s apparently easier to scam segments of Old Hoboken than the judge who didn’t think sabotaging a vote by hiding out was legitimate.  With that, Hoboken gets another glimpse into the actions of the frustrated Old Guard council looking to wreak havoc on Hoboken to get at the mayor and the reform council members.  (Nothing in comparison to what they attempted against the hospital.)
The vote will be tallied and passed along to the judge for a scheduled hearing January 2nd.  Should the judge confirm abstentions are a “no” vote and the mayor’s tie-breaking vote determinative as it was in 2009, expect more of Councilwoman Beth Mason’s allowance money to be dedicated to further litigious appeals to stop progress in Hoboken and Jim Doyle’s appointment.
As many residents contend with the carnage in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, don’t expect MORTe (beth Mason, tim Occhipinti, michael Russo and Terry castellano) to cease their power grabbing ways.  
Councilman Michael Russo: gets a lesson on how democracy works from Hudson County Assignment Judge Bariso
who ordered him, Beth Mason and the full council to vote on the Jim Doyle appointment
The Russo-Mason scam hatched to avoid a full vote within the 30 day requirement failed.
Talking Ed Note: This is exactly who they are and what they do, Hurricane Sandy and the harm to Hoboken residents are mere impediments to their lust for power and (taxpayer) money.  
They could care less about the suffering of residents and their desire to see Hoboken pull together.
Vindictive to the end politics no matter the cost (to others) is how they roll.  

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