WSJ: Hudson County facing more problems on Upper Sinatra

According to a story on the Wall Street Journal, there’s more roadway issues in need of repair on upper Sinatra.  The roadway in question is a County responsibility, as the sinkhole earlier.  The repairs are required as the decades old structure was not designed with cars in mind.

From the WSJ:

An antiquated roadway on the Hoboken waterfront is suffering from “cracking, rebar corrosion” and other defects that will require it be replaced, a complicated project that will disrupt traffic, according to a report to be presented Tuesday.

The work would cost up to $10 million and likely disrupt pedestrian walkways, boat traffic and private property along a faulty section of Frank Sinatra Drive North near Shipyard Park.

“Ultimately the roadway platform will have to be replaced with a new structure,” stated the report, a copy of which was viewed by The Wall Street Journal. “This replacement will be a complex project for a number of reasons.”

Read the whole story:

Hudson County fixed the previous roadway problem in the Shipyard area as seen in this video:

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