Wot no $15 triple fares? Taxi crackdown ensues

City of Hoboken announces:

Rider Complaints Lead to Suspensions and Fines
Just one week after asking residents to report any suspected violations of taxi and limousine policies, the City of Hoboken is suspending and fining two taxi drivers as a direct result of rider complaints.
A widely violated rule requires that there be only one $5 fare per taxi. With the permission of the first fare, a second fare may join, but no more than two fares total are permitted.
Residents who believe there is a violation are urged to immediately contact Jennifer Boehm at the Division of Taxi & Limousine Licensing by calling 201-216-1090 or emailing and providing the time of the incident, the taxi number, and a description of what happened.
On Thursday July 1st, the Division of Taxi and Limousines received an email with a complaint from a Hoboken resident. After the resident entered the taxi, the driver waited for additional fares instead of departing or asking if an additional fare could join. The rider asked to exercise her right to a single fare, and the driver replied that he would drop her off first if she would wait a few more minutes for another fare to join.
On Monday, July 5th, a complaint was emailed to to report that a taxi driver refused to take a passenger to Port Imperial. After informing the driver that he would report the incident, the driver kicked the rider out of the cab and swore at the passenger.
Both drivers will be suspended and issued fines. Drivers who are suspended three times will have their licenses revoked as part ofHoboken’s “three strikes and you’re out” policy.
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