Wot does Paul the Octopus say?

The most famous prognosticator in the world currently has this morning picked a clam and declared who the World Cup Champion will be this Sunday: Spain!

The famous octopus has correctly predicted many a match for Germany’s national team in the World Cup including the victory over England. Then it created some chagrin in Germany when it selected Spain the winner in the semi-finals.

Death threats across Germany came for Paul to be cooked and eaten while Spain’s prime minister asked for Paul to be given official protection while another government official declared Spain a safe haven for Paul the Octopus.

Paul the Octopus has been making predictions for the Germany National Team since the 2008 European Championship. His tally of 4-2 included an error in picking Germany over Spain in the championship game.

Paul picked Spain to defeat Germany

Does Paul get this final match prediction right?

In other ground hog type prognostication news, Mani the parakeet has picked the Netherlands to triumph Sunday. His owner expressed total confidence in Mani’s choice.

Reaction to the semi-final in both Spain and Germany.  At least 2 billion people will watch the World Cup final on Sunday.  Telecast in the US will be 1:30 on ABC.


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