Witness: Mason employee “caught” on video in voter fraud


As MSV has awaited public developments like most everyone in dual investigations by the Attorney General’s Office and the FBI in Newark, a video claiming witnesses to voter fraud was taken in City Hall during a City Council meeting last September.
Hoboken resident Patricia Waiters frustrated with being interrupted while speaking as a member of the public at the meeting took her grievance to the person she felt was the source of the problem.
The ongoing argument outside of chambers grew heated with Waiters informing the other person he had been captured on video attempting to coerce a senior citizen to vote by mail (paper ballot) presumably with instructions on how to fill out the ballot available so as to filter out the “noise.”
Waiters responds to what she describes as terroristic threats and the alleged vote fraud perpetrator “getting in her face” earlier (before our video was running) by revealing the information bluntly saying, “You’ll be the first one in handcuffs.”
The person Waiters is breaking the bad news to?  It’s none other than

Beth Mason’s Civic League employee

Matt Calicchio

Talking Ed Note: The video includes others figures such as a gray haired Michele Russo standing at times alongside Matt Calicchio who he indicated at trial as someone he attends government meetings with according to his testimony in his Union City Municipal Court harassment case.

At the 40 second mark of the video watch what Michele Russo does.  Count how many times she motions Waiters to be quiet.  Hint, it’s more than three.

MSV believes the evidence of the allegations made regarding the earlier video of a Hoboken senior in coerced voter fraud has been forwarded to authorities.

Another great one-liner from Patricia Waiters, “The truth hurts, it don’t set you free.”

The New Jersey Attorney General is Jeff Chiesa and the NJ Attorney’s Office is headed by Paul Fishman.

In case the file is misplaced, here’s a refresher.  Anyone have the time?

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