With three weeks out, cash on hand raises questions on campaigns


Raia-Mason slate shows bizarre balance of $631.40 cash on hand

Every campaign needs money to get out its message and the Hoboken mayoral and city council at-large campaigns are no different.

On Tuesday, NJ ELEC reports were required to show where each of the campaigns stand. MSV has not reviewed in detail each of the three main campaigns but here is the final tally of cash on hand:

Mayor Zimmer’s Campaign: $49,831.74

Ruben Ramos’ Campaign: $19,986.42

Frank Raia Ticket: $631.40

Having less than a thousand dollars for one of the self-declared most wealthy resident candidates raises lots of questions.

Raia was rumored to be willing to put 500K into a campaign but he’s also known for coming up short on an original monetary plan. He’s also been reported on a new local website for not paying the bills in previous campaigns.

As the Raia ticket supported by Beth Mason has shown an investment in a campaign office and shows full page ads in the Hudson Reporter with the most highly paid staff, there’s money coming in from somewhere and most definitely going somewhere.

So where’s the loot?

Update: As an FYI, the most costly part of the race is in the final three weeks meaning the fundraising aspect will be critical to all campaigns approaching the finish.  
The Raia-Mason slate however is not expected to raise any money unless some person wants to donate to the wealthy political interests of Pupie and/or the Mason family.

Frank “Pupie” Raia (l)  the main underwriter of the Raia-Mason slate shows a strange cash balance in the
ELEC report filed for the deadline yesterday.  Beth Mason reportedly paid for the office furniture.
Where’s the campaign bucks?

Talking Ed Note: In recent days a solitary figure in the form of Timmy Occhipinti has been spotted uptown and in various midtown-downtown locations trying to talk up people on the street.  If there was a serious effort behind him for mayor, visible resources would be devoted to backing him out on his lonely sojourn.
What does that tell you about the seriousness and unity of the Raia-Mason ticket?

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