With roadway collapse, Sinatra Park area equally grim

The roadway collapse on upper Sinatra Drive is a reminder of another problem the city face: the Sinatra field and Gazebo closure.  Although the City is working on obtaining two grants of about two million dollars, the expectation is there will be a need for an additional $10 million in order to make the necessary repairs.

Yesterday, the view from the water showed how severe the damage is and the underneath flow of water.

A view of the Sinatra Park Gazebo area yesterday afternoon.  

The site of the upper Sinatra roadway collapse will be addressed but what’s next?  Infrastructure is an issue and this one will be paid for in part by the County and a builder but who does Hudson County come to when there’s more bills to pay?  Hoboken of course.

Yesterday afternoon the upper Sinatra roadway looked more ominous.  More trouble is anticipated.
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