With no election in sight telephone poll looks to mayor’s race – in 2013!

Endless ambition in Hoboken’s political landscape means never stop working toward your goal for power over its inhabitants. In the latest chapter of, “Can you really believe someone is blowing money on this,” a phone poll has been getting a lot of attention with calls coming in all over town.

The poll has already been written up at the Hudson Reporter and the Hoboken Journal each noting the political insanity never ends even with people having summer on their minds just days away.

Perhaps a hint of the poll’s bankroller is the list of mayoral candidates, mostly the Old Guard variety with the exception of the current mayor. (No one views Beth Mason as anything but a diehard Old Guard candidate for anything these days.)

Among the items the poll asks for response is how Councilwoman Beth Mason is doing as Council President. Well do we really need to give an answer to such a question especially in the dying days of that lame duck?

Another question asks about people’s sources for local news and information. This time Hoboken Patch does get a mention along with the Hoboken Journal, Mile Square View and of course Mason411.

While none of this is particularly newsworthy considering its timing, it’s a fascinating study in how political consultants can take one bottomless checkbook for a ride.

To that MSV can only say, pig out because you never know when that cash cow is going down. With the FBI in town, there’s going to be some political (and criminal) animals put down before the Hoboken criminal investigation is all said and done.

Talking Ed Note: Monday the next premium content will be on Hoboken411, the political apparatus on life support and in the eyesights of the FBI.

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