With Carmelo Garcia DMW, who will Brian Stack select for Assembly?

PolitckerNJ’s October story on Hoboken’s 
2015 Assembly seat deems Carmelo Garcia “Dead Man Walking”

You would be hard pressed to understand why the lineup for NJ Assembly is so long. Considering the positions in the State of NJ are mostly stand-ins for the senior power broker State Senators who unofficially designate, re: bequeath them; it’s a two year job often under appreciated and massively less effective than the senior house member’s four year term.

The saying in NJ politics is apt; the state Assembly is where political careers go to die. And so in the case of Carmelo Garcia, the axiom has proven once again correct. Or has it?

A HudCo fundraising event in October for the Assembly’s majority leader covered by PolitickerNJ says the Assembly seat currently held by Carmelo Garcia will be no more come next spring when a Democratic primary will select a new choice, courtesy of State Senator and Union City’s mayor Brian Stack.

State Senator and Union City Mayor Brian Stack (c) made a rare
visit to Hoboken outside of the Hoboken Housing Authority
when Gov. Christie visited during the Hurricane Sandy emergency.

Garcia said he was running again next year but a State Senator Brian Stack insider a day earlier told PolitickerNJ there is “no way” Stack will let that happen. The story had received no play locally and MSV has been awaiting further related developments. (Oh how the Boys of Summer are awaited.)

The once self-proclaimed “destined for greatness” Carmelo Garcia isn’t watching his star crashing; it’s already crashed. Which explains the somewhat frenetic activity of late by Mister Carmelo as some of his friends call him. He made an appearance at the last Hoboken City Council meeting but this time there was no rhyming ministerial offerings, screaming HHA spokespeople or insults directed at the reform council for its refusal to relinquish its financial due diligence to approve the biggest attempted scam on Hoboken since the million dollar quarters looting. Of course we’re talking about Garcia’s undocumented proposed massive expansion of the Hoboken Housing Authority downtown called Vision 20/20.

Carmelo Garcia is clearly eying a resurrection of his fallen and failed star. His multiple lawsuits against the City of Hoboken, the mayor and the HHA lacking legitimacy notwithstanding, political office has been very, very good to Mister Carmelo. He may be thinking his BoE slate which pulled about 2,000 votes for two of three candidates are his votes to be converted into a sixth ward council seat next fall. Months back he was telling people in the HHA he’s running for mayor.

City Council President Jen Giattino who is the sixth ward’s elected representative will be waiting if the Feds don’t intervene first. That investigation has legs but hey isn’t there some audiotapes to trade on a get out of jail free card? In the HHA, the word on the street is a wired Memo with resulting audiotapes were a regular part of setting up others – for years. Garcia eventually released his embarrassing lunch tape featuring former State Senator Majority Leader Bernard Kenny and the mayor’s husband but his claims about illegal actions only incriminated himself. (MSV’s recent attempt to find the original Jersey Journal story with the audiotape shows it’s disappeared.)

The terminated contract with the Hoboken Housing Authority last August would be paying Garcia $175,000 today if not for the appearance of the reform minded chairperson of the HHA, Dana Wefer. She uncovered a series of unapproved contracts totaling over $6 million dollars at last count which exposed an epidemic of malfeasance, incompetence and some say major league corruption. Wefer responded to Garcia’s latest civil lawsuit referring to a dozen unknown “issues” uncovered since his departure. Much artillery flying overhead as the Feds have arrived on the battlefield separating the parties.

As Assembly selections go, the unwritten rule in Hudson County says the controlling State Senator reaches out to the appropriate local mayor who has a leading voice in nominating an Assembly pick. This informal policy though has never seen deference to Hoboken with one unwelcome HudCo house guest in Mayor Dawn Zimmer. She’s a creature the HudCo machine doesn’t understand; an honest mayor who doesn’t try to line and trade for her and her allies’ bank accounts.

The HudCo machine while currently holding an uneasy truce with Hoboken’s reform oriented mayor describes her credentials not as noble but “weird” and then mutter to themselves how they’ve been iced out of Mile Square taxpayer monies before returning back to their shadowy corners.

All the buying and selling rumors about Hoboken’s 33rd district Assembly Seat last made for an untidy Blaggo type scenario and in the end Brian Stack bypassed a rumored seven figure bidding war for the Assembly seat between developer Frank “Pupie” Raia and the Mason family going with Carmelo Garcia and the dream of a massively expanded Hoboken Housing Authority and its projected millions in profits. Garcia no matter his threats and lawsuits couldn’t deliver the goods and intimidate a Reform mayor and City Council majority to get out of the way for the million dollar loot.

So it’s back to the bids for the seat and Beth Mason has a website up for some political office which is obviously not about Hoboken’s second ward council seat. Her reported bizarre shuttling of two busloads of Hoboken Housing Authority residents during the recent League of Municipality meetings makes obvious she wants to curry favor with their and other HHA residents’ votes.

If you are Beth Mason and can’t buy your way into higher office, buy, buy again.

Beth Mason is desperately looking for a political job out of Hoboken.
She’s being promoted as a bidder again to buy the NJ Assembly seat.
Her last years long campaign for the seat in the Hudson Reporter
saw her lose to Carmelo Garcia but he’s considered
DMW (Dead Man Walking).

Will Brian Stack be sending an emissary to see Beth Mason testify in not one but two legal actions against the Hoboken citizenry early next year?

Da Horsey would of course invite State Senator Brian Stack to come see for himself.

Talking Ed Note: Carmelo Garcia was not contacted for this story.  He’s the first elected official to respond to a MSV electronic inquiry on public policy threatening a criminal complaint for doing so. He however has never followed up with one. That feather goes to Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Turf Track: This column was prepared over Thanksgiving when the Hudson Reporter’s political column Saturday “announced” her years long begging to buy the Assembly seat (again) from Brian Stack. Mason’s political operative FinBoy is in regular contact pushing her party line there (with ample advertising dollars) and rather successfully since the FBI investigation in Hoboken back in 2011 ended the ghostwritten politically censored fantasies backing Beth Mason on cybersewer Hoboken411.

Wasn’t the Hudson Reporter for Hispanic representation? The Jersey City Assembly slotted position looks secure with the intelligent and resourceful Raj Mukherji making a positive impression and expected to stick around for another two year term.

Which means the other Assembly seat most recently held by Hoboken’s Ruben Ramos should be in line for a Hispanic diversity candidate. Wonder what Augie Torres would have to say about this?

Related: MSV thoroughly covered the Hudson Reporter’s attempt to have Beth Mason installed by Brian Stack to the two year Assembly seat back in February 2013. Their constant public promotion for Beth Mason and her political operative campaign sank to the bottom of the Hudson River like a stank bottom feeding fin discovered dead on a New York subway.

This time Carmelo Garcia is being shuttled to a quick grave in a desperate attempt to save Beth Mason the humiliation of being shoved aside by the Old Guard in the second ward election next year. They have BoE trustee Peter Biancamano ready to go for the second ward council seat’s November election.

The original February 2013 MSV story:

Verdict: Beth Mason attempt to buy an Assembly seat ends in failure

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