Will Hoboken411 make a rare public appearance at State of the City address?

Perry Klaussen the reported proprietor of Hoboken411, although some suggest that may not in fact be completely true, is an uncertain attendee to the State of the City tonight.

Rarely seen at any Hoboken event is never a problem for Hoboken411 to write about said events.  He doesn’t do much of the political writing and was largely dormant the past six months quaking in fear when best bud Patrick Ricciardi was nabbed by the Feds last May.  That was his best conduit to information illicit and otherwise including pictures other than his Masonite ghostwriter, who pens the angry screeds packed with the usual assortment of lies, half-lies, distortions and the always present self-perpetuating rumors.

Last year, Das Klaussen made a rare public appearance at the State of the City but ever the recluse went upstairs to an empty balcony taking photos of his hated Zimmertinis below.

He pointed his camera repeatedly toward the Horsey and fired away but was met in kind by our trusty camera that captured the essence of his character as seen below where he’s raising his middle finger.

Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411 made a rare public appearance at last year’s SOTC address.  And by appearance, he showed up, took photos of people to smear on his site later and left before the event started.  Typical Klaussen.

Beth Mason, a longtime backer of the website that smears and censors everyone except her was recently known to have sat down with her lackey at the Elysian.  Some wonder about the nature of the business relationship.  To be in favor at Hoboken411, all that is required is to be on the right side with Beth Mason or is it passing an envelope?   Michael Russo was a bad guy years ago, but now a Mason ally, he’s “a good guy” on Hoboken411.

A lot has happened since last year’s SOTC.  Hoboken411 has degenerated into self-parody with his ranting hatreds of Mason’s and his nemesis – Mayor Zimmer, to the point it’s difficult to know if he hates Hoboken and everyone in it or just anyone who doesn’t pay him.  Last May, he illegally voted in the 5th ward council election even though he lives around the corner in the 2nd ward from Beth Mason, thus proving that hatred drives him more than allegiance to his paymaster.

Here’s a video of Councilwoman Beth Mason who failed to get him on the City dole, but it is oppossed with no support from anyone but her.  Maybe that’s why Perry Klaussen chose to vote illegally in another election rather than for Beth Mason.

Perhaps tonight Hoboken’s smearmeister king will sit with his benefactor Beth Mason.  Now that would be novel.

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