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On the Hobo411 claim of violations by Councilmen Bhalla and Cunningham.

More to follow soon.

Upon further investigation, I see that Condon has been representing the case since 2008. Your investigator needs to see what sort of contract he entered into and when:

Was the contract entered into within 12 months of the contract – by May 2008?

Was the contracted amount over the annual bid limit (the threshold was somewhere between $25K or $29K)? If not, the public bidding requirement does not apply; the professional services exemption from public bidding would then be not applicable and consequently the Pay-to-Play ordinance would not apply.

I don’t see the contract on any of the 2008 agendas, so it may have been under the bid limit and thereby not have appeared before the council for a vote.

Eric Kurta

Update: Eric has asked for the following added as some people may be unclear on the details of his current status:

I’m no longer president of POG and am not officially speaking on the organization’s behalf.

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