Whose SLAPP-suit is this anyway?

Did Grafix Avenger just expose another smoking gun in the Hoboken SLAPP-suit?

It looks so based on a new public email published yesterday for the very first time on Grafix Avenger.

That email timed only two months before the SLAPP-suit was filed by Beth and Richard Mason friends Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi reveals this odd exchange. (See the highlighted yellow email exchange from the bottom up below:)

An original, unedited email highlights in yellow a request by former Plaintiff Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi of Beth Mason’s chief political operative, James “FinBoy” Barracato if the lawsuit had been “served” on Grafix Avenger “yet?”
The May 17th email appears to implicate Beth Mason’s self-declared “business partner,” James “FinBoy” Barracato of Weehawken having an intimate, continuous and active role in the frivolous, now court-designated SLAPP-suit.

Barracato was first connected to Beth Mason in the litigation with a January 2014 sworn deposition by Hudson County decades long political operative Tom Bertoli.
According to that deposition, it was Bertoli who first introduced Barracato aka “FinBoy” to Mason back in 2008. Bertoli stated on the record Barracato has been on the Mason payroll ever since. In an exclusive interview with MSV, Bertoli said of his deposition, “I was happy to do it.” 
Some legal observers view those dots connected on the record a turning point in the case with the myth of a “Hoboken couple” being previously sold to the public by complicit local media.
Oddly,  in the email above, Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi is requesting an update OF James Barracato on HER frivolous lawsuit wanting to know if Grafix Avenger had “been served yet.”
Notably, Councilwoman Beth Mason has been absent from every single City Council meeting (four consecutive) since Hudson Superior Court rendered the July 8th legal decision ordering $280,000 be paid to the defendants by Lane Bajardi, Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi and sanctioning three of their attorneys in Ohio and Pennsylvania.
To date, Beth Mason has yet to make a single comment on the record anywhere.
Back In August 2012, Beth Mason was quoted extensively in the Old Guard friendly Hudson Reporter. Her remarks appeared in their feature story even before Grafix Avenger who was a named defendant. 
The 36 page legal decision delivered last month in addition to ordering hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees be paid by the Mason family friendly Hoboken couple, highlighted the evidence presented at trial by the defendants writing, “
“there was significant evidence to support the truth of Defendants’ statements.” 
Contrast that with no evidence offered by the Plaintiffs at trial where the court wrote of Plaintiffs

Beth Mason, MIA since July 8th has missed four consecutive
Hoboken City Council meetings after her friends were
slammed with $280,000 in sanctions and legal fees
against a dozen Hoboken residents.

Related: The political operation against Hoboken residents and their First Amendment rights to anonymous political discourse didn’t begin with the filing of a SLAPP-suit against a dozen Hoboken residents in 2012. 
As public emails obtained in the case now reveal, Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen turned over private registration information of anyone considered a vague nuisance to Beth Mason to her political operatives. Some of those who had their privacy compromised include this editor and others who would later find themselves named as defendants in the SLAPP-suit.
Grafix Avenger highlights all this and more in what the Honorable Judge Patrick J. Arre summed up as a “SLAPP-suit disguised as a defamation case” with more emails, depositions taken under sworn oath and the still smoking email where Lane Bajardi tells Beth Mason’s paid political operative FinBoy he recognizes the importance “going with an attorney Ricky and Beth are comfortable with is key.” 
Turf Track: All the emails in the SLAPP-suit published here and on GA were never “released” by the court. They were public documents obtained in discovery and previously filed in motions by defendants. No additional authorization was required of the court. 
This is a First Amendment case with weighty issues on important matters of public concern and public discourse.
For those unhappy with the truth revealed in those emails, perhaps you should have thought better of this before cheering on the SLAPPers.
Update: Grafix Avenger has blown the roof off with a “Earwitness” report today.

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