Who’s that City Council Prez?

Tomorrow, the Hoboken City Council will hold its first meeting of 2017.

Out of the starting gate will be the first election race or dance of the flowers for the Mile Square City. (Dance of the Flowers was a tune learned in an early piano lesson as a young colt when the hooves were a bit more dainty and could hit C sharp smoothly, but I digress.)

So, let’s examine the first dance as it’s an important pre-show to the 2017 mayoral election this November.

Hoboken’s legislative agenda is critically led by its chair or Council President. Jen Giattino holds the baton currently, the second time she’s been handed the duties by her council colleagues.

Two other reform oriented council members have also held the helm two times: council members Ravi Bhalla and Peter Cunningham.

Is someone among the three about to cross the finish line for the Triple Crown?

Hoboken City Council President
Jen Giattino

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