Who’s lease on what where for the temporary garage?

Today in New Jersey Superior Court in Jersey City, the owners of a doggy day care business called Hoboken Unleashed, the City of Hoboken and the property owner of 1714 Willow Ave. are going to sort out what’s what on who has a lease, when and how as a sidebar battle to the Municipal Garage saga.

Mike Stigiliano, currently running his dogy care business on Clinton St. says he is making monthly payments on the property and has the rights not to see anyone on the property before he moves in.  The City lawyer, Corporation Counsel Michael Kates said conversations were underway with the leaseholder and resolution could be expected favorable to the city at the last City Council meeting.

What’s gone amiss?  A reported conference Friday call did not go well between the dog day care business and the city so the owner of Hoboken Unleashed filed against the City in court.  Today all three will get together to sort out what’s what and who has a lease for the property when.  Lots of questions and way too much speculation.

If you thought it was odd to already hear people speaking on behalf of a small business owner who they don’t represent, manage, or even have copies of the respective leases, then you just don’t understand how things work in Hoboken politics.  Michael Stigliano is already discovering  many new found friends and not just the little furry kind either.

Mike Novak, a backer of some well known candidates in Hoboken elections in recent years has already written a letter supporting Mr. Staglione with more qualifying contradictory assertions than any letter to the editor in memory.  It’s apparently this, and apparently that where nothing apparent is even available for examination to the public.  Here’s his opener in the Hudson Reporter:

“At last night’s Council meeting, it was revealed that the city of Hoboken has apparently strong-armed a Hoboken small business out of its lease at 17th and Willow. The small business apparently commenced its lease earlier this year, and is waiting for minor variances from the Hoboken Zoning Board to start operating at the property.”

Someone forgot to tell Mr. Novak, there are no “minor variances” anymore in Hoboken and his guy Peter Cammarano ain’t running the Zoning Board either.  It’s nice to hear Mr. Novak is out and about with his head up as he is still being hammered for the number of local small businesses still holding the bag in unpaid bills from Peter Cammarano’s last campaign.  He’s moved on though as a behind the scenes player for fourth ward candidate Tim Occhipinti and also for former municipal judge Kim Glatt in the last mayoral campaign.

Hoboken Patch shone some light on this murky lease matter, well what light is available.

Sometimes if you close your eyes and really hate strong enough and long enough, all your dreams of power can come true.  Okay, maybe not all of them, but some are still going to search for a way.  This is Hoboken.  Bow wow wow yippee yay.

Talking Ed Note: MSV got a phone call Friday about the owner’s legal complaint against the city.  City Council elections are still a ways off although the special election for the fourth ward is in November with others to follow in the spring.  For most of NJ, it’s just a slow summer in August but not in Hoboken.

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