Whole lot of secret taping going on in Hoboken?

According to the Al Sullivan column in the weekend paper, Hoboken is seeing a rash of secretly recorded conversations.  The taping is described naming a West New York official but then oddly circles back to Hoboken where the surreptitious activity is described as having “especially” taken hold.

Around the Mile Square, Da Horsey is picking up a current of something resembling a bit more than concern and the Old Guard may be sweating bullets while Masonista online operatives have suspiciously fallen silent.

The column says this cloak-and-dagger skulduggery “differs” from the FBI’s Bid Rig III effort.

Since the Feds scooped up Peter Cammarano in 2009 and followed with a City Hall raid after the systematic looting of the mayor’s office in 2011, there’s lots of finger pointing and yapping going on as ratting has replaced baseball as Hoboken’s favorite sport – at least among the Old Guard jockeying amongst themselves with the Feds leading into the local November election.

The weekend Al Sullivan political column points to covert taping of
conversations in Hoboken.  

This story however has a different look and feel.  It names a West New York official who is accused by name of taping others in West New York but there’s no one named in Hoboken performing similar extracurricular activities.

Maybe it’s an oversight or perhaps it’s a little summer gift to give time to the Hoboken Sopranos to make necessary arrangements on “dat tape problem we got.”

Talking Ed Note: Is this connected to the long time rumors of a certain flipper in Church Towers who most decidedly did not want to land up like his pal Petey boy?

That’s most definitely connected to law enforcement and Sullivan is distancing this taping operation from the Feds.  Meaning this library is a collection among “friends.”

Will weekend greetings among the Old Guard riff on a Cammarano line, “I promise you my brother, you’re going to be treated like a friend.”

For those who need to strike back before it’s too late, you can sing a song to the FBI in Newark by calling (973) 792-3000.  Special agents are on duty this weekend ready to help.

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