Who did Mayor Ravi Bhalla try to see replace Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro?

Last week, Politifax reported Mayor Ravi Bhalla put up a chip for a favor to State Senator and Union City Mayor Brian Stack.

The chip, a small payoff for the Hoboken mayor delivering most of the local Democrat Committee votes to Stack in his failed bid to gain control over Hudson County government backfired.

Politifax got half the story correct. Brian Stack last year told Ravi Bhalla he could name his pick for Assembly replacing Annette Chaparro who has served almost four years in two terms backed by former mayor Dawn Zimmer

Stack gave a single condition to the selection as reported. All Ravi Bhalla had to do was choose a Hispanic woman.

Instead, he submitted a candidate who did not fit that criteria. Stack rejected Ravi Bhalla’s candidate.

Then Ravi Bhalla came back again a second time.

Same problem. Stack rejected Ravi Bhalla’s proposed Assembly candidate again.

Word gets back to Union City early this year Ravi Bhalla is returning with a selection. Sources outside Hoboken close to HudCo say that again, Ravi Bhalla planned to put up the same and most definitely non-Hispanic candidate a third time.

Is he deaf?

Brian Stack had enough. He put the entire issue to rest at a meeting and said, “it’s over.” He renewed the incumbents and said the matter was closed. Annette Chapparro would return as the candidate for a third term as reported earlier here on last month.

So who is the non-Hispanic candidate Ravi Bhalla kept putting up to replace Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro?

A shadowy Ravibot to be named later failed to be approved by Brian Stack and is not going to replace the two term
Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro.

Stay tuned.

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