Where’s Pupie?

Lots of folks have been asking where is Frank “Pupie” Raia and what is he doing?  Well yes, Frank is well aware a race is going on and has been crafting a message to reach out and touch you via TV.  Word on the street says he has already completed his commercial production, it’s in the can and ready to go.

Cablevision is said to begin airing Frank “Pupie” Raia into your homes starting Monday.

Some polling appears to have been done on his behalf over the weekend but it was too long and cluttered so the results would not be where they should for him.  He’s right there with some of the other big fish in the race in the November 3rd winner take all mayoral election.

Take it from Da Horsey.

An unconfirmed source indicates Raia’s office will be at 120 Washington St.  It’s on!

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