Where are Andriani’s friends?

Seems like all you have to do these days to become a target is get suspended with pay for a couple of years and everyone is out to get you.  The wheels of justice move very slowly in New Jersey and this case most recently came up in the City Council when Mayor Zimmer was its President.  The frustration was evident by all but it seemed outside the scope of the City’s ability to influence or hasten the outcome.  A lot of people in the Hoboken community are frustrated by the absurdity of being suspended with pay for two years.  In this circumstance, it’s the State rules driving the process and it’s clearly an uninspiring one.  More to come.

Lt. Andriani offers gun instruction

In the meantime, where are all Angelo’s friends?  No one is stepping up here in Hoboken and Hooter’s girls are being defamed at a rapid clip, pardon the pun. It’s all very unfair and Da Horsey expects that blonde Hooters girls will not be subjected to these repeated assaults.

Okay, here’s some more blasts from the past.  And we note, if the Facebook page is in fact for the same Angelo Andriani, he’s a pretty lonely guy.  There’s no friends there either.

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