When the mayor’s office goes Al Sharpton on a Jewish councilwoman for Hanukkah

Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s Chief of Staff John Allen has some race baiting ‘splaining to do

The buzz began last week after a full-on assault on Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher, a good government policy wonk snared in an Al Sharpton level attack during the City Council meeting.

She also happens to share a similarity with another former councilwoman good government advocate in Dawn Zimmer: both are Jewish.

This Al Sharpton-like political operation was hatched, conducted and deployed using Hoboken taxpayer’s money right out of Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s office. There’s more to this exclusive story.

Unlike the Ravi Terror Flyer, this one was burned almost immediately in the Hoboken Horse exclusive report on Thursday:

That’s right John Allen, I’m calling you out. That’s for starters. Stop hiding!
Ravi Bhalla Chief of Staff John Allen

This story is breaking…

Talking Ed Note: Meanwhile, at the loony bin Sybil’s Cave, the cult of personality Ravibot website, Ravi Bhalla campaign operatives are in-fighting whether a pending City Council ordinance the mayor’s office is limited to two confidential aides under NJ statute.

While fascinating to see Bhalla campaign operatives differ publicly on the issue; it’s beside the point.

The real question is will the City Council ordinance pass at the next meeting limiting the mayor’s office to two when one of the three departs?

It’s not Jason Freeman who will be terminated but John Allen who will be waved goodbye. If the ordinance passes, the mayor would not be able to replace his impending departure keeping the mayor’s office at two confidential aides and limiting further scummy political operations as seen last week.

More to come.

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