When the love is gone…

An internal report from the New Jersey governor’s office cleared him of wrong doing in BridgeGate with a cherry on top absolving any allegation regarding the charges by Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer of a quid pro quo on Sandy aid for approving the northwest project proposed by the Rockefeller Group.

Shocking no one but with its million dollar fee, the law firm hired to perform an internal investigation came back with its results implicitly suggesting Gov. Christie may be a viable candidate in the presidential sweepstakes in 2016 after all.
Or was that report’s conclusion all along?
The Star Ledger featured that story with the report stating Governor Christie had “no role” in BridgeGate while yet another Star Ledger story focused on Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s account, with the law firm’s report calling her allegations “unbelievable” and “demonstrably false.”
Mayor Zimmer’s administration which declined to work with the governor’s internal investigation saw the mayor dismiss the report as biased and again offer to testify on the matter when it counts most, “under oath.  In a statement the mayor called the law firm’s report a “one-sided whitewash.”

Gov. Chris Christie visited Hoboken after Hurricane Sandy and enveloped the mayor and Hoboken with affection.
It was returned in kind last November by Hoboken voters but those days seem long past now.

Talking Ed Note: While the mayor continues to hold steady to her position and offers to testify under oath there should be no illusion what people may say with the stakes so high and the Oval Office itself the prize.

Political operatives, (wannabe) career loyalists and lawyers who without hesitation are willing to out and out lie – and worse – lie under oath appear less a rare a commodity these days. For a taste of such vermin, see your local band of dwindling, embittered (and paid) Masonistas.

Better yet, don’t. You can thank Da Horsey later.

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